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earlier this month. but mis-communication between law enforcement agencies led to his release. kron four's philippe djegal explains. >> reporter: less than a half hour after robbing the mechanics bank on pinole valley road fridaym, march first. pinole police arrested gary fite junior for the crime. he and his accomplice were taken into custody. booked into contra costa county jail. by law, law enforcement and the district attorney have to file charges and arraign suspects within three days of an arrest. otherwise, the suspects have to be released from custody. the pinole police chief says his department filed its report to the da's office on the morning of tuesday march fifth. he says the da's office then called later that day and confirmed charges would be filed. yet still, fite was released from custoday. the contra costa county sheriff's department says it had no other choice than to release him. because quote there were no warrants, authority or other charges against fite that would allow us to continue holding him. the da's office could not be reached for comment. now, julie sohn, w
it in ways that is it for various reasons. they said there is a federal law that is then broken, not riding in and tethreatening and interrogating employees. this is a big powerful garbage company and has to start following the law. >> they have been abusing and threatening and intimidating people and it has to stop. many of these people are an aggressive they think they can be pushed around. we're making a point, everyone has to follow lot including big corporations to think they're above the law. >> there are about a hundred and 50 workers at this location and about 250 in all at three locations. they are striking here today in san leandro and the headquarters over in oakland. as far as garbage pickup, how will this affect you? according to the union spokesperson that i talked to, because these lines are big step here and that main headquarters, the teamsters unions are respecting that the get live. they are not crossing it. according to the union spokesperson, if you have guards picked up today and waste management is your company, your service may be affected. >> so that could mean thos
legislators across the country are introducing laws making it harder for animal welfare advocates investigate growth in food safety cases. some bills make it illegal to take photographs of a farming operation. others make it a crime for someone such as an animal welfare advocates a live on an application to get a job at a plant. bills pending in california, nebraska and tennessee require that anyone collecting evidence of abuse turned over to law enforcement within 24 to 48 hours. which advocates say is not allow enough time to document illegal activity under federal human h handling and food safety laws. >> statwill be back with more on the kron 4 morning news. thyou eat less...ing weiyou lose weight.et. it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> we are back. 4:14 on the clock. >> just in
as a law enforcement officer in angel castro is facing charges including reckless driving and impersonating a federal agent - and didn't show up in court today. last month - police say he was in an unmarked ford crown victoria with sirens on. they say he got out of the car wearing a shirt with an f-b-i emblem. he initially claimed he was handling an emergency - but eventually said he worked for a security company and that the emergency was he had to pay his phone bill. there's a warrant tonight for his arrest. a folk singer is accused of making anti-gay comments at a show in san francisco last night. michelle shocked is a grammy nominated singer who was performing at yoshi's. now - other venues, including hop-monk tavern in novato, are cancelling her performances. concert organizers at yoshi's released this statement on twitter today. saying they don't tolerate the type of "bigotry and hatred exhibited last night.she will never be back." bicyclists were allowed to ride bart all day -- including during peak commute hours. it's part of a week-long test program. bart officials say they've made
for the band says his client a law-abiding citizen with no history of violence. on top of clearing his name, a band's lawsuit seeks financial compensation for loss of employment wages and emotional trauma. the case is scheduled for a status hearing on june 7th. >> some a little video shows a missing woman last thursday morning. at 31 year-old eric out maska- leris was walking along 34 then telegraph in oakland. she has not been missing for seven days. her brother jobs last uncovers this may have. >> i told her what to pack. we love you erica. there is only people here who love you and are looking for you. we are going to find you. >> a $1,000 reward is not being offered in this case. >> benicia police are asking for public help in finding this man. 53 year old arcelio cruz also known asr c. he was last seen as the knees on monday just before midnight. he has milked medical problems and is considered at risk. cruz was last seen wearing a black but it's wet shirt, jeans, and brown boots. >> an underground gas lie near berkeley home was punctured by a worker causing a fire. this is video for h
, sunny skies. tiverton the upper 60s laws seventies. >> it will feel like spring. >> 716 years traffic george. >> not looking at any hot spots. moderate condition that the bay bridge 16-18 minute drive times coming out the macarthur mmaize. less than that for the and th limitre and it's a prnimitz >> looking at the drive times and the traffic maps here 22 minutes from hercules to berkeley. for the easter freeway some slower traffic into walnut creek 680 southbound. south bay we mentioned the heavy traffic at the guadalupe parkway already on 101 northbound. >> this drive time out of the coyote valley 24 minutes up to the montague expressway. >> the north bay ride not bad. the drive time around 32 minutes from the bottnavato the golden gate bridge. ems on bart, caltran, h train three and five are on time. the muni metro is not reporting any problems that james. >> thank you george. it is 719 world headlines. catholics from the world over the weekend to see and hear them pope . >> here is video. more th20,000 more than 200,000 people packed st. peter's square on sunday. pope francis greet
comes at a time in india when there are calls for stricter laws on sexual assault and changes in cultural attitudes toward women. a december gang-rape on a new dehli bus that killed a woman spurred protests in india, where most women have stories of sexual harassment and abuse on public transportation or on the streets. all classes are cancelled at the university of central florida this morning -- following the discovery of a student's body and explosives. 500 students were evacuated from a dorm building after someone called 9-1-1 and reported a person with a gun. police arriving found a person dead inside a dorm room of an apparent suicide. they also found an assault weapon and what they call "improvised explosive devices" new this morning. a trial is set to begin this morning in new york city over the police department's controversial tactic of stopping, questioning, and sometimes frisking people on the street. more than a hundred police officers, scholars, and lawmakers are expected to testify about the policy that has seen mostly african american and hispanic men stopped b
with the law. a record 475 arrests were made in the sting. known as "operation shoulder tap". stanley roberts has an inside look at the undercover operation. in this kron 4 exclusive. >> this man >> this man >> this man they all have on thing in common. in fact more than 400 people have the same thing in common local police and state agencys participated in a statewide effort to curb underage drinking called operation shoulder tap tonight at 8 i'll we'll ride along with police and give you an exclusive look at why you might thibefore buyie alcohol in the next edition of people behaving badly and here are a look at the numbers. a record 475 arrests were made statewide. right now you are going to get the citation in and talk to the judge. >> part of the reason why we do these operations is to educate the public. the police issue the man 8 ticket. >> you are being cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor. another boost tonight for backers of same sex marriage. former secretary of state hillary clinton is the latest high profile figure to come out in support of same sex marriage.. kron 4's dan ker
it personally and as a matter of policy and law, embedded in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for lgbt americans and for all americans." >> catherine: that of course, is former secretary of state hillary clinton. she's in a video produced by the gay rights advocacy group 'human rights campaign.' her public backing comes as the supreme court prepares to tackle the issue. arguments are set to begin next week, with a ruling by late june. new tonight. too old, too white and too insular to win. that's what an internal review by the republican party found -- about itself. now major changes could be on the way for the gop. tory dunnan has more on the harsh new report. >> reporter: the republican reboot is underway. >> as it makes clear, there's no one reason we lost. our message was weak; our ground game was insufficient; we weren't inclusive >> reporter: after a tough 2012 presidential loss and a senate seat reduction, the republican national committee released findings from its "autopsy" report. reaching out to more than 50-thousand people to look back and figure ou
a christian priest or law are in preschool d a parent's only meeting and pleasanton last night. parents and administrators at center point preschool aren't shot following allegations that a former teacher takes up a child for refusing to take a map. angelo calcano resigned from her dad as a teacher the preschool in january. the police say at the the mother of a two-year a grove attended the school said she saw a big server daughter taken by calcano after allegedly tied to the bar up with masking tape for refusing to take a nap. >> a 13 year old boy is recovering this morning after being shot in oakland. it happened yesterday morning around 730 in the 1300 block of 66 ave. police received a call from the house left the boy had been dropped off. the details are available about the shooting at anyone with information about it is asked to call the oakland police department. >> and many claims he was wrongly put on all goods most wanted list is now suing the city's police department. 37 year-old chau van was place of the city's most wanted list for six months in 2012 in connection with a gan
amount of cash in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news close to a dozen law enforcement agencies joined forces for a statewide sting called "operation shoulder tap." and stanley roberts was there catching the whole thing on tape. their goal is to catch any adults purchasing alcohol for anyone under the age of 21. tune in to kron four news on monday to catch those people behaving badly. it's the pope's first sunday mass for millions of catholics around the world. coming up, we show you how the bay area faithful feel about their new leader. plus - inmates make a prison break by stealing a helicopter. we take a look at how they did it. >> after a beautiful weekend there rainfall returns. [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is! [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thank
by the administration and law- enforcement. >> that sounds scary. i would not want that to happen to randy ticket. this child will not be returned until he did his return to -- checked out by a doctor. >> i am not a greek i am (child ansers) ...'sad'... in morgan hill rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> today -- school administrators at the christian pre-school said they're shocked about what happened. and laid out a plan of action. fifth >> this delegation of physical abuse that the heard that the teacher duck tape tgirls wrists and anlkes ...and there are a lot of people of our concern about this. and potential witnesses to get the facts in terms of what happens. >> reporter: once that happens there will determine weather or not this will be the level of a crime in. to see how many people at the school knew this and when. >> once they find out the facts we will continue to further investigate. >> reporter: the school maintains a they only found out about this earlier this month. pleasanton police department takes this seriously. there also on and no serious timetable but they are still tracking this p
if they support a sweeping rewrite of immigration law. one republican said the argument was met by "light chuckles" from the republican lawmakers. republican and house speaker john boehner says the meeting involved a candid exchange of ideas, but differences remain over the budget, the federal debt and other issues. in sacremento, democrats have regained their two- thirds majority in the state senate with a special election victory in a san diego-based district. democrat ben hueso will switch from the assembly to the senate after receiving 52 percent of the vote in the 40th senate district race. >> jacqueline: the changes. we will continue that a slight warming trend. the fog tracker. basically it will be impacting the entire bay area. giving yourself some extra time. by 11, it is peeling back. still in the '70s and the south bay. a five, 10 degrees cooler. 70's for the inland valley. 60s for san leandro. cooler along the coast. 50s and 60s. noticeably cooler tomorrow. if slightly cooler saturday, sunday, monday. this will continue. and the rainfall is continuing. >> catherine: a new study finds t
generation to find answers. tory done and has the story. dunnan . >> as that of pursuing a career in law or medicine these two students are on their way to priesthood. >> we are very enthusiastic about what is about to happen. >> these two are part of the next wave of leaders who will try to influence the lives of the american catholics in a critical time. a struggle between tradition and modernism. >> you have to listen to those feelings and thoughts. and say it is about the traditions. >> as one generation of catholic priest prepares the next for leadership. new voices and perspectives could shape the future of the church. >> the culture today is different than 500 years ago. the culture is not very different at the time of jesus. >> catholic membership is on the decline in the u.s.. a few research studies show almost one-third of americans who were raised catholic know logger describe themselves as such. >> i think the challenges are being able to approach the modern church in keeping our traditional route. >> i think more of these modern issues like gay marriage. >> the next generati
slipway the drawl explphilippe djegal es miscommunication between law-enforcement agencies led to his release. >> they stated that there were no other warnings allowed them to hold him. the d. a's office cannot be reached for a comment. they stated that the federal or arrest warrant has been issued with him and he is going to be charged with armed robbery. >> he has some connection is to oakland, antioch, and reno nevada. we're also looking for tips. >> they stated that he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you have any informational his whereabouts you should call police. >> a santa cruz county man has been found safe after he went missing. 20 year-old matthew abraham vanished from scotts valley last wednesday. if this is video of the library in utah where he was found. his son says that matthew seemed disoriented after crashing his mountain bike resorting in a head injury. abraham was apparently traveling with someone that he met on a bus. >> they ended up pairing up and traveling back tees where they ended up in salt lake city. in some point the missing person ended up at
and powerful took in $42 million this week and a law making it the biggest hit of 2013 so far. other top movies include the call, which took in $70 million and rounding out the top three, the magician comedy the incredible bird wonder stone has seen over time i and today a selection sunday which means the ncaa men's basketball tournament as set the league releasing the first- round matchups today better known as march madness. the selection committee named louisville as the number one overall seed and the other number one seed is an dni and kansas. we will play unlv at the hp pavilion in san jose and st. mary's will play tennessee
for him says his client and law-abiding citizens with no history of violence. >> it i507 on top of clearing hs name, van lawsuit seeks financial compensation for the loss of employment wages and emotional trauma. the case is scheduled for a status hearing in june 7th. >> we will be back you don't have to do that. do what? that. i ordered more coffee yesterday. congratulations. those too. [ male announcer ] staples makes it easier to get everything your business needs, and now get folgers classic roast for $6.99. staples. that was easy. >> we are back. the california congressmawoman is calling for an investigation into the army's dropped rape charges against a man who shot and killed two santa cruz police officers. rep jackie speier says she wants a hearing about why to army court-martial brought against jeremy goulet were dropped in exchange for a less than honorable discharge. back on february 26th he shot and killed two offices on they came to his house while investigating a misdemeanor sexual assault. goulet was accused of rape in 2006 shortly after arriving in hawaii and was
ed lee today said he is determined to reduce gun violence. today he announced he signed into law two ordinances-- banning possession of hollow-point ammunition in the city. and requiring businesses to notify police if large amounts of ammunition are sold in one purchase. >> the head of the t-s-a.now defending his decision to allow passengers to bring small folding knives.and things like golf clubs onto planes. as more and more groups and people pile on and criticize the decision.the t-s-a is holding firm.saying if finds and confiscates about 2-thousand small pocket knives evey day.when its focus should be on explosives. >> it takes to-three minutes to be identified and for the back to be opened. and for the knife to be found. and ran it through back through the scanner again. >> reporter: the t-s-a head told a house panel today that's hardened cockpit doors and other preventative measures make it unlikely terrorists could use small knives to takeover a plane. >> catherine: in additions to knives -- you might be surprised to learn what passengers try to take on planes. >> every year,
laws have been violated and there have been threats and intimidation. the strike ended around eight a-m. any interrupted pick-up service will be finished up on saturday >> catherine: another san francisco symphony concert has been cancelled because of the musicians strike they're unhappy with a management proposal that would include a pay freeze and one percent pay increases in the next two years. the musicians and symphony management have negotiated for more than 13 hours without agreeing on a new deal. people who have tickets to tonight's concert at can get a refund -- or trade tickets for a future show. they can also donate the money to the symphony. >> jacqueline: filtered sunshine and mild. the inland valleys still in the '70s. 70's in santa rosa. in the south bay, upper 60s. we cooled off for the bay shore and to the coast. 53 in daly city. this live look is what i am talking about these clouds are moving. basically these high clouds filtering sunshine and as we take a look at wider view. they will start to press through and clearer conditions for tonight mostly clear and cool a
law enforcement agencies joined forces in a "operation shoulder tap" it targets adults who purchase alcohol for anyone under the age of 21 years old. minors involved in the operation are closely watched by law enforcement. and if the adult fails to pass the test, you will find out what happens on kron >> and here you can see there'll be one way to pay period after this page. case life has the story. there is a map of these locations on the golden gate bridge web site. the locations of things like convenience stores gas stations. it shows you the menu of things you can do. you have funds your fasttrack account. if you want to pay cash for a trip over the bridge you can do to license plate. and how it crosses you wanna pay for. this is my receipt it tells me that i bought it today. it has my license plate number of my confirmation #how much it paid and reminds you it is good for 30 days. with some changes in store there's rain on the way it on tuesday and wednesday. >> thats kron4 news weekend for this sunday morning. i'm marty gonzalez. for all of us. thanks for watching. we'll see y
to be pointing that camera in anybody's face putting them on video like that it should be against the law >> funny things happens when you tell some people of the bayview section of san francisco that they have to follow the rules hypophysis.-- i've bought thise --. look i bought this house this is my property so how far does it have to be off the sidewalk you need to pull your car forward into your driveway anything past your property line is considered the sidewalk so >> right now you have enough to pull your car completely up you need to unlock your garage and pull it in and that is just the problem, many of the people i spoke to are using there garages for everything except parking >> if i want to make it a storage bin i can make it a storage bin, garages is so you can park in but half the people don't park in the garage what are you talking about >> which is one of the reasons people contuine to park on the sidewalk illegally and the reason dpt anling with sfpd are writing tickets and giving warnings >> if you are not going to let us talk and retort then we are done well this is my
their flashers on. that wait until $10 so that they can save $2. if this is against the law and the chp will start to crack down on them. it will be between 100 to $200 for the fine. they stated that when people are stopping on the side door of the commute hours it is just on saying that that will start to crack down on them. is $2 really worth it? >> i have been told that this term laying is one of the favors spots for people to pull over and wait. i was shows wondering where do people pullover at. >> this is one of the favors boss and i see people door all the time. this is like a carpool lane. you will see a line of cars just sitting here and they come here on the shoulder and just pull over and wait to 10:00 a.m. to say $2. >> i can see why that can be dangerous. >> extra police will patrol an east bay high school for rest of the week. that is after someone wrote a threat to stupes students. the disturbing message was found yester day on the wall of the girls' bathroom at foothill high school. the message says " i hate everyone at this school, watch me shoot everyone on march 14th.
company then you may have a delay. the workers are concerned about the company breaking the law. they want to get the services back to normal as soon as possible. >> let me be clear that these are not the drivers of the garbage trucks. these are the people that work in the land fills every psycho the trash. because their union members the future of the drivers of the garbage trucks also offering what they are doing. the drivers are not on strike but they are want to honor what the other waste management workers are going through. your garbage may be affected today. they stated that they do not have a time frame on how long the strike will last. >> i was going to ask you. sometimes they may declare that it is that one day strike but in this case we do not know. this may affect other garbage pickup days. >> absolutely. this is something that i try to nail down with the union spokesperson but he would not clarify that. he stated that this time it is just hour by hour. the question is if it is going to be picked up? >> an unwelcome new neighbor has joined a community and they point. a sex offe
. >> while george w. bush was president, the government changed some of the laws that protected the nation's drinking water. >> ♪ so it all goes back to 2005 ♪ ♪ bush said gas drillers didn't have to comply ♪ ♪ with the safe drinking water act ♪ ♪ before too long it was "frack, baby frack" ♪ ♪ until the break of dawn >> with fracking that's not properly regulated comes another threat -- the release of toxic gas into the air. >> so, on top of the drinking water being contaminated and undrinkable, the air is also posing a serious health problem, as well. >> alex is from the environmental working group. they want to prevent pollution. rachel works for a company that represents the gas industry. they want to help america benefit from an important source of fuel. both sides probably agree on one thing... >> ♪ now, it's not that drillers should never be fracking ♪ ♪ but the current regulation is severely lacking ♪ ♪ reduce the toxins, contain the gas and wastewater ♪ ♪ and the people won't get sick ♪ ♪ and the planet won't get hotter, hotter, hotter ♪ >> it'
. state law requires the communities to set aside land designated for affordable housing. >> a man convicted an essay elaborate condominium fraud case in san francisco has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. 48 year-old jay sah convicted of taking control of a woman's three luxury condos, taking out loans against the properties, and laundering the money through shell companies. shah is ordered to pay a $14.1 million fine, nearly triple the amount taken in the scheme. >> we will be right back. >> welcome back. the time now is 6:44 a.m.. here is a quick look at some of the top stories the we are following. firefighters are still battling a 2 alarm fire that spread to three homes on bateau island in contra costa county. this happened around 2:30 a.m.. crews say that they are having a hard time to contain the fire due to active power lines in the area, there are also no fire hydrants. >> here is it looked at san jose a you may need sure windshield wipers. >> the show our chances will continue to decrease. you concede that there is more sure off shore. the chance for rain is isolated
to to the clock so they can say the $2. >> does against the law. the chp is going to crack down on it. it is not practical and it is unsafe for people over on the side of the road even if they have their flashes on. that will start cracking down on it. as i said the fine can be from 100 to $200. at the toll plaza at about 955 is to pay the extra $2 or leave later there will give you. >> is there no good place? i get you the time and out and go round blocker something. >> this is to be a problem earlier when they have the car pool. that would start the car pool and you would have people lined up for 12- 15 cars lined up waiting to get through. also against the law. either leave later, pull over, get a cup of coffee, fill up, or do something other than stay in the lane that will start to ticket people. >> that is good to know. a lot of people do it. we will talk to george and later as little drop morning about that. >> we will take a break here. take away the other angle on the bay bridge approach to the maize. traffic is backing of the cash lanes. watch this -- mallon brothers alakazam
most students. but instead of pursuing a career in law or medicine they're both on their way to priesthood. seminarians at catholic university---looking ahead. >> "we're very enthusiastic about what's about to happen" >> reporter: these two are part of the will try to influence the lives of american catholics at a critical time -- a struggle between tradition and modernity. >> "we have to give attention to and to listen very carefully to those and say ok well what is it about the traditions that you feel are archaic?" >> reporter: as one generation of catholic priests prepares the next for leadership, new could shape the future of the church. >> "the culture of today is very different than it was 500 years ago, but in many senses, the culture is not at the time of jesus" >> reporter: catholic membership is on the decline in the u-s. a pew research study shows almost one-third of americans who were raised catholic no longer describe themselves as such. >> "think some of the challenges are definitely being able to approach the modern church while still keeping our traditional r
you an e- mail with the location. >> reporter: until california passes that law this problem will continue >> what needs to happen is that is thieves start stealing and cannot resell them there is no market for them. >> reporter: it is a free application from the android or itunes called 'wipeout'.. >> bart and caltrans will be shutting down part of interstate 880 for several hours this weekend. they'll be doing some critical work on the new oakland airport connector kron 4's charles clifford shows us what it will mean for drivers. >> reporter: this is a google earth map. starting saturday morning, bart will begin installing new railways over instate 880...here... just west of hegenberger road. this is part of the ongoing work to complete the new oakland airport connector. in order to finish the work, crews will first need to shutdown the two lefthand lanes of north bound 880 starting at 11am on saturday morning. that closure will last all day on saturday. then from 1am until 6am on sunday morning, caltrans will completely shutdown all northbound lanes of 880 at hegenberger r
personally and as a matter of policy law. >> former secretary of state's hillary clinton joined a list of politicians to come out in support of same-sex marriage. >> a few years ago bill and i celebrated as our own daughter mary the love of her life. i wish every parent that same joy. >> to deny the opportunity to any of our daughters and sons solely on the basis of who they are and who they love is to deny them the chance to live up to their own god-given potential. >> clinton jointer of the former president bill clinton, and president barack obamas and a host of conservative who previously opposed same-sex marriage and now support it. >> public opinion has also turned in favor. the question remains what, if any impact would this have on the supreme court question are being duly nice to constitutional law of the universe burst in san franciscuniversity of san franc. >> the public at large will begin to support the extension rides. >> i think that plays an informal role in shaping deliberations. but it is not a formal is very informal. >> the u.s. supreme court will hear all arguments
to the law or exit. >> good morning george. we're starting to dry out. still cloudy skies. some areas of light rain. storm tracker 4 shows the heart of the bay is dry but we have areas of light rain in the north bay. and it's a part of the south bay toward pes cadero . >> morgan hill looking at light rain. san jose's starting to dry out as well. san jose is try even livermore. far east and the mountains we are looking at what weather. east bay also, most of the drive for concord, walnut creek, toward antioch and ease of redwood we still have some areas of light rain. >> the ball of the moisture has moved east and is turning to relevance snow and the tall area. >> great news for the ski resorts. we can see the not hold a lot of moisture as anticipated. >> futurecast 4 shows you how much more in we can expect, when, where. to o'clock some areas of light rain scattered showers. 1:00 we will see cloudy conditions for hayward, fremont. you could pick up another showers to. >> that will start to see things drying out for the rest of the day to o'clock and isolated showers overall will start
. >> reporter: this is also important for the executive law center to prevent gun violence. >> the fact you cannot get a vote on the senate floor says who has a lot of control and power in our government. >> reporter: still, there are reasons for being optimistic. >> a lot of states have been taking up this issue with good momentum on assault rifles at the state level like colorado. we are also optimistic because there are other several bills that could get a vote on the floor. >> reporter: the other measures are a ban on ammunition clips. legislation for universal background checks and a stiffer penalty for gun trafficking they will vote on the universal background check in the gun trafficking legislation are expected in the second week of april. dan kerman kron 4. >> catherine: for the 3rd time in less than a week -- thornton jr. high in fremont was the target of a bomb threat. the most recent threat was yesterday afternoon. it turned out to be another false alarm. however some parents are upset that they were not >> i did not even get a phone call. >> they need to do a better job of noti
council had little choice in the matter. state law requires communities to set aside land designated for affordable housing. >> we will take a quick break 4:42 . as we go and live look at storm tracker 4. the heavier showers are found in the north bay. the areas of yellow on the map. looking offshore we see more rain on the way. to our activity will stay with us for the morning commute. we will have more in a minute. >> we are backed at 4:4. 5 much of the bay area saw wet weather yesterday. here is video from pacifca where you can see a few people out and about, despite the rainy conditions. >> we saw less than an inch of rain here in san francisco and most of bay area as well. more rain is hitting the bay area right now. let us check in with erica. good morning with erica. >> good morning james. >> keep in mind if you're using highway 101 coming out of santa rosa using the golden gate bridge there is lane there. >> in the east bay you could see heavy rain impacting richmond. the rich and san rafael bridge heading to the shore freeway. it looks like all of it, berkeley could be picki
:00. they say the $2. unfortunately, it is against the law and the chp is going to start cracking down on it. the fines could be anywhere from 100 to $200. they will be out here is this a bad looking for those people for the next couple of days. if you would like to save $2? leave the house a little bit later. do anything but leave those flashers on. if you do, did you are chancing the possibility of getting $100 ticket. that's right >> that's right, you do not want that officered knocking on your windows saying here you go for a $200 ticket. >> extra police will patrol an east bay high school the rest of the week after someone wrote as rat oa threat o shoot students. the disturbing message was found tuesday, while the girls' bathroom and foothill high school. the methods as i hate everyone at the school, watch me shoot everyone on march 14th. officials think it was written by one of the female students. >> they know that they're going to write of threat they're going to be watched. they're also there because they want students to feel safe and share any information that they have. >> school
of people in trouble with the law. a record 475 arrests were made in a state known as operation salt shoulder tap. stanley roberts as a look inside >> can we talk to? >> this man, this man, this man, and this man, they all have one thing in common. in fact, more than 400 people around the state of california have done the exact same thing. local police conducted a statewide operation to curb the sale of alcohol to minors. as a good look at what actually happens. this guy's face is blurred and he is a 17 year-old police decoy to simply ask strangers to buy him beer. he even tells people he is 17 and cannot legally buy alcohol. the man and a lack of ready agrees to buy the boy beer but not before looking around to see if anyone is watching. after a few minutes, what he returns with a 12 pack of beer to the decoy and in the police moved in. >> right now you're gonna get a ticket for giv >> instead of taking money from the boy, he decided to buy him a beer with his own money. >> we're trying to educate the public. you need to be aware that we were trying to stop underage drinking. >> thi
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